Art Project

Art Project:

The Art Project is great for volunteers that have an interest for art and non-profit work. Volunteers will work in the non-profit art community by helping to empower rural artisans by providing support and resources and creating awareness about art throughout urban populations.

Volunteers can get involved in:

  • Enriching livelihoods of tribal communities in India
  • Provide resources to artists to pursue their passions
  • Help make their products more marketable/appealing/contemporary to the common public
  • Help increase income for these craftsmen so they do not give up their art forms
  • Assist rural artists in selling their work

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Who volunteers abroad with us?

  • Travelers from all over the world who want to make an impactful contribution to India
  • Those looking to learn about cultural and community issues
  • Those who want to gain a deep understanding of Indian culture

Volunteering abroad is:

  • A valuable exchange between volunteers and local communities
  • Important for the progress of India
  • Much needed for communities that may be neglected
  • A good way to experience local cultural life in India


  • 18 and over
  • 4 Week minimum commitment
  • Proactive
  • Flexible with the highs and lows of India

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