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5 Books You Should Read Before Going To India

If you are the type of traveler that needs to prepare and plan your next destination months in advance, this post is for you!  Reading books (Lonely Planet and other travel guides don’t count) on the country you are traveling to can be an excellent way to get you hyped up for your upcoming trip….and […]

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Why must I pay to volunteer or intern abroad?

Question: Why should I pay your organization to volunteer or intern in India?  I am devoting my time, energy, and skills to help the people of India.  I don’t feel right about paying to do this and would like housing and other expenses paid for.   Leave UR Mark gets this question a lot regarding the […]

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A Microfinance Experience in India

Elena, student from Denmark, interned at a microfinance organization in January 2012. Here is a brief account of her field trip to Palakkad, Kerala. “Coming from a wealthy Western country with heavy consumption of culture, what was I anticipating from a field trip to a rural Indian village,will it be eligible for microcredit? Firstly, I […]

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Teaching English in India

Lotte Pollack Age: 19 Country: Germany Placement: English Teacher Leaving her mark at: A School Project for Underprivileged Children This is Lotte’s first long-term experience living abroad and her first time in India. After finishing high school in Germany, she decided to take a gap year to work and travel abroad before starting university.  It […]

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