Cooking Abroad

Being in a new country during your internship or volunteer project abroad means experiencing local life in many different dimensions.  The first of course is the aspect of your work that you will probably be involved in on a 9-5 basis.  The second aspect are the weekend excursions you will plan for your free time.  The third aspect are all the activities you get involved in after work or on a Saturday or Sunday where you are trying to explore the city.  One of our favorite ways to feel truly integrated when we are working on projects abroad is to take local cooking classes of the particular country we are visiting.  Cooking with new friends and learning a very regional style of food is something invaluable that you can carry with you for a lifetime.  For new interns and volunteers it means that they are forming close bonds with one another by working together.  For those that have been in the country for a couple of weeks already, it means they get to try their hand at so many of the strange and unique things they have been tasting while eating out.  For others, it may just be a foray into discovering so many of India’s amazing recipes and continuing on the traditions when they go back home.   Leave UR Mark organizes authentic cooking classes in India for any interns and volunteers who want to try their hand in cooking on the weekends. Here is an example of what some of our interns and volunteers got involved in during their off-time from their internships and volunteer projects!


Intern Abroad

Sam is learning to make palak paneer


Volunteering Abroad

The teacher explaining techniques to the interns and volunteers


Indian Food

The teacher taught the volunteers about the various spices used in Indian cooking


Cross Cultural Exchange

Sam is learning how to knead the dough


Projects Abroad

The interns are preparing the chapattis


Cultural Immersion

The meal has been prepared and now the interns and volunteers eat lunch together


Indian Food

The volunteers and interns prepared a lentil curry, spinach and cheese, potato curry, and Indian bread

To discuss how you can get involved in these types of cultural activities while you are on your internship abroad with us, email us at or set up an info-session via phone!




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