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Environmental Internship

An Environmental Internship in India is for interns who would like to work on initiatives such as conservation, protection, education, and farming. This is a great opportunity for international interns to learn about what environmental projects are impactful in urban cities as well as provide their own ideas on improvement. The internship involves working on organic gardening, urban farmers, eco-conscious brands, enviro-friendly tourism, and outreach programs. Previous interns have worked on everything from marketing and outreach projects to getting their hands “dirty” through organic farming and gardening.

Some of what you will get involved in:

  • Create easily replicable models of sustainable living in order to inspire more people to adapt an eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • Promote and implement sustainable practices in activities.
  • Assist at eco-friendly events
  • Educate consumers about the nutritional and environmental benefits of organic foods
  • Promote “forgotten future foods” and inform people about their numerous benefits
  • Spread new forms of responsible tourism (eco-resorts and hotels) that aim to conserve nature and to support local communities
  • Educate farmers and motivate them to practice organic farming
  • Ensure better prices for the farmers produce and also to sell the products to consumers keeping a very reasonable margin (fair trade policy)

Who interns abroad with us?

  • Students, graduates, and travelers from all over the world who want work experience in India
  • Those looking to learn and make a difference in Environmental issues that affect our world
  • Those who want to learn about Indian culture

Read about Previous Intern Experiences here:

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Internships abroad are:

  • A great way to give yourself a global competitive edge
  • A surefire method of displaying your flexibility in an unfamiliar environment
  • Able to set you apart from other candidates for future employment opportunities
  • A good way to experience both professional and cultural life in India


  • 18 and over
  • 4 Week minimum commitment (some placements may ask for more)
  • University experience (currently enrolled or having graduated)
  • Flexibility in Changing Demands
  • ‘Out Of The Box’ Thinking
  • Good At Follow-Ups
  • Proactive Mindset
  • Can-do Attitude

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