International Business Internship

International Business Internship

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International Business Internship

India is on the forefront of foreign investment and international service exchange with some of the most rapidly developing economies in the world. Gaining international business experience in India allows interns to understand the Asian marketplace better and understand where their own passions and skill sets lie. An International Business Internship sets up interns to interact with a wide range of clients from all over the world, understand how India is growing its service sector domestically and abroad, and paves opportunities for international careers. International business can encompass a wide range of projects for different people. Leave UR Mark works with individual interns to do placements on relevant placements.

Some of what you will get involved in:

  • Sales Management
  • Client Relationships
  • Lead Generation
  • Assisting with conferences, summits, and seminars
  • Completing surveys
  • Order collection
  • International Trade practices
  • Day to Day Operations

Sample Projects:

  • Summits within China and the Middle East
  • Trade meets in Southern India
  • Profiling business leaders
  • Social Media Campaigns

Who interns abroad with us?

  • Students, graduates, and travelers from all over the world who want an exciting work experience in India
  • Those looking for international business experience
  • Those who want an alternative to “studying abroad”

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Internships abroad are:

  • A great way to give yourself a global competitive edge
  • A surefire method of displaying your flexibility in an unfamiliar environment
  • Able to set you apart from other candidates for future employment opportunities
  • A good way to experience both professional and cultural life in India


  • 18 and over
  • 6 Week minimum commitment (some placements may ask for more)
  • Flexibility in Changing Demands
  • ‘Out Of The Box’ Thinking
  • Good At Follow-Ups
  • Proactive Mindset
  • Can-do Attitude

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