Physical Therapy Internship

Physical Therapy Internship

A Physical Therapy Internship in India is for interns who would like to gain hands on therapy experience and come to share their own expertise and skills. This is a great opportunity for international interns to get an idea of the various physical therapies and exercise science methods used in India as well as make an impact by contributing valuable methods and expertise used in other parts of the world. The internship involves working with a team of professionals within the physical therapy field in a private run clinic or hospital setting. The internship allows interns to see how physical therapy differs from country to country as well as perfect their professional skills. At certain centers, you may also work specifically with those affected by cerebral palsy and various other neuromuscular disorders.

Some of what you will get involved in:

  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation and physiotherapy
  • Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Manual and Manipulative Therapy
  • Core Stabilization
  • Shoulder and Neck Post-Operative Therapy
  • Home Care Education
  • Creating Fitness and Personalized Exercise Programs

Who interns abroad with us?

  • Students, graduates, and travelers from all over the world who want work experience in India
  • Those looking for an understanding of traditional and alternative therapies
  • Those who want to learn about Indian culture

Internships abroad are:

  • A great way to give yourself a global competitive edge
  • A surefire method of displaying your flexibility in an unfamiliar environment
  • Able to set you apart from other candidates for future employment opportunities
  • A good way to experience both professional and cultural life in India


  • 18 and over
  • 4 Week minimum commitment (some placements may ask for more)
  • University experience (currently enrolled or having graduated)
  • Preference for those studying PT, Exercise Science, or a related field
  • Flexibility in Changing Demands
  • ‘Out Of The Box’ Thinking
  • Good At Follow-Ups
  • Proactive Mindset
  • Can-do Attitude

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