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Sankey Tank Park in Bangalore

Bangalore: The 10 best Ways to escape the City

Bangalore might be the least „Indian“ city in India. The influence of the western world and the international companies is huge, and as a foreigner you’re not gonna miss anything in Bangalore. Nevertheless there will be days where you might find it hard to handle the big city: Especially during rush hour there’s a huge […]

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Internships in India Advice

Catalina using her own experiences to give Internships in India advice When in India, do. In my first month of living in India, I feel like it has been nothing less of an adventure. There is nothing more satisfying than immersing yourself in the lifestyle of a completely different culture, especially when you’re at a […]

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Welcome to Bangalore

Reflections from Rebecca Addy from the UK who interned abroad with us this summer. So this is my second day in India (Sunday). The journey to india was long, but not too boring as I watched several films and spoke to an Australian girl most of the way to Abu Dhabi. On arrival, my driver […]

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Leave UR Mark Intern Testimonials

Here is a review of our intern Hannah who did a psychology and therapy project with us in India.  Watch to find out more about what her “favorite day” in India was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfR5-DhiEcg   000000

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10 Ways to Impress your Colleagues during your Internship Abroad

The first day on your international internship can be slightly nerve-wracking to many of Leave UR Mark’s volunteers and interns.  Here is Leave UR Mark’s advice on how to easily have your new Indian boss and colleagues warm up to you and help you have an amazing cultural and learning experience while in the country. […]

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Cooking Abroad

Being in a new country during your internship or volunteer project abroad means experiencing local life in many different dimensions.  The first of course is the aspect of your work that you will probably be involved in on a 9-5 basis.  The second aspect are the weekend excursions you will plan for your free time. […]

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Business Internship in India

Nineteen-year old Peiwei chose to intern in Bangalore through Leave UR Mark because she was looking to challenge herself, explore an area of the world she had always wanted to see and learn business skills to complement her educational background. Hailing from China and pursuing an undergraduate degree in France, she spent six weeks this […]

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Microfinance Internship in India

  Daniel is an Economics major from the United States with an interest in the emerging Asian economies. Having already been to China on a business study tour, this is his first trip to India, where he’s working for a non-profit organization in South India focused on development and microfinance with Leave UR Mark. Daniel […]

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Healthcare Volunteering in India

    Bryn is an American who grew up in Hong Kong and has also lived in Singapore and Mexico. She studies Biology and Anthropology in New York and has plans for medical school. After completing her first year of college, Bryn is spending her summer vacation interning for two non-profit organizations in Bangalore, South […]

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NGO Marketing Internship

Lucy is only 21 but already a seasoned traveler, having traveled to several countries throughout South-East Asia and Europe. It comes as no surprise that she has a passion for geography and is currently studying for a BA in Human Geography at the University of Durham in the UK. Lucy is spending her summer holidays […]

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