4 Reasons to do Volunteer Jobs in Goa, India

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Volunteering in India is truly a different experience. Here are some of our top 5 reasons we think volunteers who choose to travel to India will love their time spent abroad in Goa. Whether on a gap year program or a short-term project, Goa has a lot to offer volunteers of all ages.

Chill out on the beach after a hard day of volunteering

Volunteering for 6 to 8 hours a day can be tough both physically and emotionally.  There’s nothing better than going to the beach after work and chilling out with a book or music to decompress and re-fuel for the next work day.


Experience the Indian Nightlife

Many people don’t always equate India with nightlife.  However, when done responsibly, going out for a casual beer, kareoke-ing and going to see live music can be an an incredible experience.

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Join Yoga Classes on the Beach

Goa is known for being quite cosmopolitan with travelers from around the world who come to learn yoga and meditation.  With Indian cities being so chaotic and populated, Goa is the perfect place to practice without a lot of distraction.

yoga in India


Volunteers Usually Don’t Volunteer in Goa 

When people think of volunteering, Goa is not always the first that comes to mind.  Volunteers will volunteer in other cities and villages of India and then come to Goa for vacation.  However, even Goa has incredible initiatives that work with women, children, the elderly and conservation projects.  By participating in volunteering activities in Goa, you will understand more about how the local people and economy can grow outside of tourism.

volunteering in India with children


Have more ideas on why participating in volunteer jobs in Goa is a great option for those looking for more than a holiday in India?  Send us an email to info@leaveurmark.com and check out some of our volunteer jobs in Goa that are currently available.


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