Welcome to Bangalore

Reflections from Rebecca Addy from the UK who interned abroad with us this summer.

So this is my second day in India (Sunday). The journey to india was long, but not too boring as I watched several films and spoke to an Australian girl most of the way to Abu Dhabi.

On arrival, my driver took me to the apartment, on arrival I was met by one of the staff who took me to my room. I had not slept on the plane, so a 3 hour sleep from 6 am – 9 am was beautiful! I went upstairs to where the rest of the interns live and had my breakfast – then I was moved upstairs to live, which I find a lot better, especially as the other apartment is empty until tonight as the interns have gone to visit hampi.
Last night, 5 of us went out for a meal has it was Hannah and Nicks last night in Bangalore – although I’ve only known them a couple of hours they are 2 lovely people and were very helpful with questions I had. And I got to ride my first auto rickshaw! It was much better than I expected, apart from all the continous horns in my ears…

Orientation in India

Rebecca on her orientation lunch during her Leave UR Mark program

Yesterday I had some henna done! I love it!

I also had an hour wonder to the mall to get some dollars exchanged to rupees and a qucik look around some of the shops! I can’t wait to explore more this week. Today I’m not sure what I’ll do as most of the interns are away at Hampi and I do not feel comfortable going places alone yet as I do not know where things are.
That’s all for now, I’ll update you soon with something more interesting!

Henna in India

Rebecca got henna done on her arms

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