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India has had a history of being tolerant to animals due to many of the non-violent and vegetarian cultural traditions instilled by some of its greatest leaders. However, in the face of development, India has rapidly urbanized which has led to a greater neglect for urban wildlife as well as some basic animal rights. It has one of the world’s worst stray dog problems and is in danger of having many of its tigers extinct. The Animal Rights Project is for volunteers who would like to help create more awareness for animal protection, education and inspire common people about animals, rescue and rehabilitate urban wildlife, and help in promoting a healthy balance for India’s ecosystem. Volunteers can sign up for one of two (or a mixture of both) volunteer projects. The first project spreads education and awareness as well as provides legal action against animal abuse, animal rights, and promotes a vegetarian lifestyle. This is a great project for those that want to use their writing and marketing skills to promote animal issues. The second project helps to rescue wildlife throughout the city and the outskirts, rehabilitate animals, and put them back into their natural environment. This is a great project for those looking to gain hands on experience at an animal shelter.

Volunteers can get involved in:

  • Assisting with rehabilitation of rescued animals
  • Maintaining the upkeep of the animal shelter
  • Learning about different urban wildlife (barn owls, Asian koels, Indian black eagles, baby squirrels etc.)
  • Learn about rainwater harvesting, urban and rural rainwater harvesting, bore-well recharging, and recycling of used water
  • Awareness programs in schools
  • Learn how to work with data to help create water policies and community suggestions
  • Writing articles about animal lovers/vegetarians in the city
  • Vegetarian meet ups/pot lucks
  • Fundraising and thanking donors
  • General day to day operations at the center


    • 18 and over
    • 4 Week minimum commitment
    • Proactive
    • Flexible with the highs and lows of India

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