Videos by Leave UR Mark

Reviews from our Past Interns and Volunteers on Volunteering Abroad with Leave UR Mark
Are you thinking about doing an internship after graduation, volunteering abroad, or taking a gap year?
Leave UR Mark interns and volunteers share their experiences on what it is like to volunteer in India and their life living abroad in India.

Project Director Interviews
Do you want advice from the directors who manage your internship programs?
Learn more about what happens at a psychology internship, medical internship, working on public health projects and more.

What Interns & Volunteers do on the Weekends – Travel!
Explore the diverse day and weekend trips that interns can travel to on their free time.

Cultural Experiences in India, and Advice and Tips on Fitting in with Indian Culture
Leave UR Mark’s favorite tips for you to transition into life as an intern or volunteer in India.
And once you feel comfortable enough to further explore India, what can you do in your free time as an intern or volunteer? Here are some ideas.
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