Internship and volunteer programs in India. Available year round with Leave UR Mark.

What you get: program placement, housing plus food in India, in-country support

What you learn: travel, work experience, Indian culture


Available Locations: Bangalore, Mumbai, Goa


Who Applies? First time travelers to India, international students, recent grads, gap year people, those who want to help


Leave UR Mark Experiences

Travel Courses

Universities can enroll faculty and students in short-term study and travel courses ...

Cultural Activities

Click here to explore cultural offerings


 Click here for tips and feedback from former participants.


Pics and videos from the field, accommodations and cultural activity.

What Our Clients Say

“Stay as long as possible. Four weeks is nice, but to stay more than two months is more effective to work and discover India.” Cecile O., Netherlands, Children’s Education Project

“I truly feel like I’m getting something accomplished. I’m part of the team and I’m really helping these companies get along: quite simply, I can help them get new customers. It’s a new experience and it feels pretty good.” Johanna K. Germany, Marketing Internship

volunteering with animals in India

Volunteering with Animals

Want to understand the challenges that animals face in India? Let’s learn about Claudia from South Africa’s experience volunteering with animals on the outskirts of Bangalore, India. For further visual experiences, you can also check out her photography site where she shares some beautifully captured scenes. What was a typical day for you like at […]

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Indian Culture 101 for Interns

India: Cultural do’s and don’ts When you arrive in a new country, it takes some time until you tune into the local cultural code. Indians do not expect foreigners to be aware of the Indian way of doing things and will easily forgive any blunders. The best way to learn is by observing the people […]

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Summer Internships in India

Spending your summer in your own country doing an internship or part-time summer job is an excellent way to save some money and work on your skills at home. However, many students may not realize that upon graduation and landing a full time career, they may not ever have the chance to take off 4, […]

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Interning Abroad versus Studying Abroad

Interning abroad and Studying abroad are both incredible ways to live and travel through another country and culture. Although we are absolute advocates of study abroad programs, here are some of the reasons we really love interning abroad! See if internships in a foreign country are the right fit for you. Experiment with Career Choices […]

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Are Internships Abroad Expensive?

Today there was an article published in the New York Times about internships abroad being expensive–sometimes up to $10,000 for the experience of working in a company in a different country. The comments from the readers have mostly been about how people should not have to pay to work and how these hefty price tags […]

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Yoga Teachers Needed in India

The One Love Movement a non-profit, who serves under-privileged youth around the world while using yoga as a foundation, officially announced the launch of its Yoga Volunteer Trips in partnership with Leave UR Mark, a social enterprise that enables volunteers from around the world to participate in meaningful projects in India. Yoga has grown into […]

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While Volunteering in India Don’t Miss These Festivals

Festivals and holidays in South India Sankranti Celebrated on January 14, Sankranti is a harvest festival and one of the most important festivals in South India. You’ll see colorful rangoli patterns painted on doorsteps and sugar cane for sale across Bangalore. This is also a public holiday. Republic Day January 26 is Republic Day which […]

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Gap Year in India

Are you considering taking a Gap Year in India? Leave UR Mark gets travelers from a variety of diverse backgrounds who both want a hands on experience in the work environment of India as well as traveling around the city and surrounding areas. During a Gap Year, it’s important to outline some of your goals […]

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Internship in India Review

Today we do a throwback to our intern from Summer of 2012 and share his experiences interning abroad with us in the field of Business and Marketing in India. Although it’s almost 3 years later, Leave UR Mark continues to provide fantastic business internships to students from around the world who want to gain work […]

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Volunteer Abroad Review

Volunteering in Incredible India India is an incredible, life changing country to visit but it’s even better if you can get under the skin, learn and understand more about it’s unique and captivating culture and impact the lives of local people. If you are looking to do something more meaningful in India then volunteering or […]

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