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    What Our Clients Say

    “I truly feel like I’m getting something accomplished. I’m part of the team and I’m really helping these companies get along: quite simply, I can help them get new customers. It’s a new experience and it feels pretty good.” Johanna K. Germany, Marketing Internship

    “Stay as long as possible. Four weeks is nice, but to stay more than two months is more effective to work and discover India.” Cecile O., Netherlands, Children’s Education Project

    Travel volunteering in India

    A Travel Bucket List for India

    As you may be planning your volunteer or internship with Leave Ur Mark for the next couple of weeks, you may be doing research all over the internet and books on things that would help make your trip more memorable. On that note, I have carefully devised a list of things you HAVE to do […]

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    Interning in India

    Internships in India Advice

    When in India, do. In my first month of living in India, I feel like it has been nothing less of an adventure. There is nothing more satisfying than immersing yourself in the lifestyle of a completely different culture, especially when you’re at a time in your life when all you need is excitement! So […]

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    volunteer abroad

    An Adventure in Your 20s

    Have you even wondered what it would be like to start your twenties by living an adventure? A few months ago, I decided that I would. Having been just a few months into my senior year of university, I knew that I wanted to complete an internship (one of my graduation requirements) in a different […]

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    traveling in India

    Enjoy Life by Rebecca Addy

    I’m still having an amazing time in India. So amazing that I don’t want leave on Monday. So amazing that I’ve changed my flight so I can stay another 2 weeks. I’m really not ready to leave at all, the experience here is amazing and it’s a good chance for me to reflect, away from […]

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    Orientation in India

    Welcome to Bangalore

    Reflections from Rebecca Addy from the UK who interned abroad with us this summer. So this is my second day in India (Sunday). The journey to india was long, but not too boring as I watched several films and spoke to an Australian girl most of the way to Abu Dhabi. On arrival, my driver […]

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    work abroad

    Non Profit Volunteering in India

    Reflections from Martina from Canada who volunteered abroad in India with Leave UR Mark in May of 2014. The Sustainable Livelihoods Program – at the Center This program is focused on skills training for local women in Bangalore, with the goal of creating a sustainable livelihood and creating economic stability. They learn important skills like […]

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    Volunteer abroad, Volunteer India

    Sunday Activities with Leave UR Mark

    What’s the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon with Leave UR Mark?  We think it’s cooking classes with an old Indian Aunty who is very knowledgeable about all types of regional cuisines.  Check out a Youtube video that one of our volunteers made about learning Indian cooking during the weekends when you are not […]

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    Volunteer Trips

    Leave UR Mark Intern Testimonials

    Here is a review of our intern Hannah who did a psychology and therapy project with us in India.  Watch to find out more about what her “favorite day” in India was.  

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    volunteering in India

    10 Ways to Impress your Colleagues during your Internship Abroad

    The first day on your international internship can be slightly nerve-wracking to many of Leave UR Mark’s volunteers and interns.  Here is Leave UR Mark’s advice on how to easily have your new Indian boss and colleagues warm up to you and help you have an amazing cultural and learning experience while in the country. […]

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    Volunteering Abroad

    Considering Interning Abroad? Watch Sydney’s experience in India

    We all get a little bit nervous before taking that leap of faith and signing up for an international internship in a different country.  Many times we realize that our fears get squashed very easily once we arrive at our destination and can put away our anxieties in order to enjoy the experience.  Here is […]

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