6 Reasons to volunteer in Goa

Imagine going to the beach after a hard day at work. You would take off your shoes, jump into the ocean and end the day in one of the many beach shacks, enjoying some fresh seafood while watching the sunset. Sounds like a dream to you? Then we have good news: If you’re not a city person, Leave UR Mark also offers you the opportunity to volunteer in Goa. And here’s why you should definitely go for it:

1. Live and work within walking distance to the beach

When volunteering in Goa, you are never far away from the beach. Calangute is known for it’s beautiful and clean beaches with crystal clear water and sunbeds to rent. Enjoy a cold coconut or try parasailing, jetskiing and wakeboarding. Volunteer work isn’t always easy and there will be days when you’ll feel stressed out and overwhelmed. Just spending time at the beach will help you recharge your batteries and forget about the trouble at work.

Beach in Calangute, Goa

2. Enjoy the most amazing seafood

Goa is known for it’s amazing seafood and you can get delicious calamari, pomfret or shrimps for little money. There are countless restaurants in the villages or even at the beach and the quality is always very good. The Indian cuisine can be very heavy. So if you’re more into light and healthy dishes, Goa is the place for you to go.

Seafood at Calangute beach in Goa

3. Feel the hippie vibe of Goa

Ever since the first hippies arrived in Goa in the 60s, there’s been a special flower power vibe about this part of India. You will meet the most laid-back people, hang out at the coolest reggae bars and find the most beautiful hippie clothes and jewellery.

Arambol Hippie beach in Goa

4. Enjoy yoga and spa treatments

India is probably the most inspiring place to work on your yoga skills. There are yoga schools everywhere in Goa and you can take lessons at the beach or – if you prefer – in an air-conditioned studio. Prices are cheap for westerners and the standard is extremely high. You can also let yourself get pampered in one of the many spas in Calangute and get a nice massage or a body scrub after a hard day at work.

Mandream Yoga beach in Goa

5. Wear the clothes you like

Many parts of India are very conservative and it is advisable to cover your knees and shoulders when being out in the streets. Goa, however, is known to be very liberal when it comes to fashion. You can wear shorts or a dress without any difficulty and also dip into the ocean in your regular swimwear. This is especially convenient since Goa can be extremely hot and humid in the morning and during the day.

Arambol Hippie beach in Goa

6. Party at the weekend

Goa is well known for it’s amazing nightlife. From beach bars to clubs and pubs you will find everything you like in this part of India. No matter if you wanna have a drink at a quiet jazz bar or dance like there’s no tomorrow at one of the famous trance parties – since the selection is so big it’s definitely easy to find the right place.

Cafe at Calangute beach, Goa

7. Experience the real India in a homestay

When volunteering with Leave UR Mark in Goa, you get to stay in a place that will make you feel like home in no time. The homestay is run by a lovely Indian family and located within walking distance to the beach. You will eat the most amazing Indian food every day and meet like-minded volunteers to explore Goa together.

Mandream Yoga beach in Goa


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