Earn Money To Travel with Leave UR Mark

Travel is expensive. Even when volunteering and interning abroad, the average traveler’s budget adds up between flights, visa, insurance, program fees, housing, food, transportation and day and weekend trips. Leave UR Mark is run by travelers who ourselves are trying to hack our costs anytime we travel. So we figured….

Why not let YOU earn money with US?

So many companies allow their users to earn referral fees in order to help them make CASH.

So we announce our brand new Leave UR Mark Referral Program for 2016.

It’s simple really.

Refer a friend to do any of our internship or volunteer programs from now until December 31st 2017.

Earn money to travel:

1 Friend: $250

2 Friends: $500

3 Friends: $750

4 Friends: $1,000

**$200 BONUS for referring 4 friends**

Can you refer more than 4 friends?  Then you should just be working for us!  Email info@leaveurmark.com to discuss


1)How long does my friend have to sign up for Leave UR Mark?

A minimum of 2 weeks

2)When can they travel?

Anytime in 2016 until December 31st 2017.

3)How will you pay me?

Paypal, Venmo or Bank Transfer (depending on what country you are in).

4)How soon will I get my money?

The day your friend lands in India.

5)Is there a catch?

Nope–we just want the best word of mouth to get awesome interns and volunteers that we can provide a great experience to in India.

6)How do I get credit for my referral?

The best way to go about it is to email info@leaveurmark.com introducing yourself as well as your friend to us.  For example, “Hi LUM team, this is my friend Amy and she would love to learn more information on your program”.  We’ll take over from there and loop you in once they confirm.

8)What kind of programs can they sign up for?

Anything on our site (www.leaveurmark.com/projects) or a customized experience that they want to create.

7)I still have more questions.

Email us at info@leaveurmark.com

We look forward to PAYING you!



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