“Roaming around Bangalore alone getting information for stories made me adapt to the city much more than if I went with someone. The events that I attended were an amazing experience, including meeting an Indian fashion designer. I developed a catchy, tabloid-writing style.”

Kimberly H., United States, Journalism Internship

“I loved every minute of working with the boys at the 24 hour shelter (there weren’t the same behavioral or language problems there so I settled in there more quickly) and arranging to get the floor of the day centre fixed so that it will stop flooding was satisfying – I felt as if I hadn’t contributed much as a teacher but I had at least left my mark in a practical way. <bas dancing to hindi songs with 15 boys at the shelter – The best work out money can’t buy.”

Alice K., United Kingdom, Street Children Project

“My most memorable experience of India was the internship and working in a perfect environment where everyone around me helped me and made me feel like part of the company. I felt it was a great experience to be living in a way “an Indian life.” As I had been before I knew what to expect but actually living here made me realize how great a city Mumbai is and how I would love to come back in the future. The business and career opportunities are very vast.”

Karen D., United Kingdom, Event Management Internship

“Stay as long as possible. Four weeks is nice, but to stay more than two months is more effective to
work and discover India.”

Cecile O., Netherlands, Children’s Education Project

“Everything at the orphanage was great! Kids are cute and staff are really nice. One thing that I found difficult was that I had to see many kids alone. I wished one more staff was there. I found Indian people are really nice and friendly. My most memorable experiences in India were i. meeting people in India(including babies & kids) ii. looking around Bangalore iii. getting kisses and hugs from kids in workshop.”

Ikuko S., Japan, Street Children Project

“I really have learned a lot from this internship. I didn’t realize I could do this much before I came here since it was only almost a month. And happy to continue working on GIDS after I go back. I haven’t eaten that much vegetable until I came here! But it’s so good. And we danced to “chamek chalo” on New Year’s Eve. I didn’t know anything about India before. So basically, I was shocked + shocked + shocked. Talking about “Leave UR Mark” itself, the program is very supportive and placement is meaningful.”

Haowen C., United States, International Business Internship

“I hope I’m making an impact on the children. I try to get the kids to think and learn in different ways rather than learning by rote. I also think it’s good for them to meet people from abroad and give them some exposure. The most valuable experience for me has been meeting so many different people and experiencing a new culture. I would definitely recommend this experience to others.”

Lotte P., Germany, Teach English Project

“Welcomed as a guest of honor and treated in the best possible way, from the very beginning I was once again assured that the lesser people have the more cheerful, hospitable, open and willing nature to share whatever they have. No doubt, they were sincere when expressing their gratitude for the micro-loans and telling how much the quality of their lives have improved since they received the credits.”

Elena R., Russia, Microfinance Internship

testimonials_2“This wouldn’t have been possible in the U.S. where rules are too restrictive. I knew that I could get more hands-on experience abroad, which is very valuable for a psychology graduate like me. The center is extremely well organized and comprehensive with a diagnostic center and speech therapy center. The teachers are great and I’ve learned so much from them. They take the time to explain things to me and answer all my questions. I’ve learned how to handle autistic children and teach them how to do things on their own. Each child is different and has different needs so learning how to handle these differences has been very valuable for me.”

Elena Y. United States, Therapy & Counseling Internship

“It has been a unique experience to work with an organization which works for women’s empowerment. Especially for someone like me who has always lived in a very Christian environment. People often think that Muslim women are oppressed. I’ve seen from the inside that they make their own choices like anyone else.”

Isaac N. United States, Microfinance Internship


“When I taught the women here for a week, I often asked them whether they studied at all, or went to a high school, so that I knew when I could give them more information and help them change their lives. I told them ‘You’d better never quit your dreams’. They don’t have much money, but they can study at this organization. I showed them some English videos and made sure they knew a bit about the world, not just about their own places. I hope that will be enough to bring about some change in their life.”

Lisa Y. China, Women’s Development Project

“I truly feel like I’m getting something accomplished. I’m part of the team and I’m really helping these companies get along: quite simply, I can help them get new customers. It’s a new experience and it feels pretty good.”

Johanna K. Germany, Marketing Internship

“The kids who come here are really lucky: some of the studies show that only five percent of the deaf in India are educated. Education isn’t necessarily considered a birthright, and there is a lot to be done in terms of the development of the educational system. The impact you have in that position is tremendous: it really gives a kick to find those kids spelling correctly a word that you’ve taught them two days ago.”

Sarah H. United States, Deaf Aid Volunteering

“I’ve learned so much about marketing here, if only by working in an actual office, which I’d never done before. I’m also quite amazed at how much Leave UR Mark has done for us logistically, letting interns really focus on their internships, without worries about food and housing. I know that through my work here with them I’ve gained some knowledge that I would have never gotten through an internship in the Midwest. I’m really glad I took the opportunity.”

Tim H. United States, Event Management

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