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A Gap Year in India is a fantastic way to explore career ...

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What Our Clients Say

“Stay as long as possible. Four weeks is nice, but to stay more than two months is more effective to work and discover India.” Cecile O., Netherlands, Children’s Education Project

“I truly feel like I’m getting something accomplished. I’m part of the team and I’m really helping these companies get along: quite simply, I can help them get new customers. It’s a new experience and it feels pretty good.” Johanna K. Germany, Marketing Internship

Life In India So Far by Sven van Mourik

One of the interns I interviewed for Leave UR Mark last week told me that he used to be able to visualize everything he was going to do in life. The only exception to that, he said, was his work in India, which he could never really picture himself doing until he was actually in […]

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Marketing in India’s Growing Economy: by Sven van Mourik

Johanna K. went to Bangalore to intern abroad in marketing and event management for some hands on work experience. Back at home in Germany, she studies English and American culture and business at the university of Kassel, but her side study in marketing led her to take full advantage of Bangalore’s IT sector: “I was looking […]

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Teaching Healthcare to Street Children: by Sven van Mourik

Erin and Henry came to India together, having been friends for a long time, even though their motivations to work for Leave UR Mark were different. Erin made the long journey mostly because she wanted to do meaningful work in a developing country: “I’m studying nursing at the University of Akron, in Ohio. I came […]

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4 Day Trips Not To Miss While In Bangalore: by Sven van Mourik

While volunteering and interning abroad, it is important to treat every day like an adventure.  This is a list of 4 day trips that all Leave UR Mark participants should not miss on their off time from work! I – Mysore Chamundeshwari Temple Because of its splendid temples and sights, the area around Mysore easily […]

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Volunteering in India with Women and Children: by Sven van Mourik

It is early in the morning when Lisa Yao steps into an auto-rickshaw to drive to her work.  The traffic in Bangalore is dense, and the trip can sometimes take up to an hour, she explains, as the driver carefully flips the page of his newspaper, waiting for the traffic light to turn green.  When […]

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First Impressions of Bangalore: By Sven van Mourik

Sven is a Dutch student studying international politics at the American University of Paris.  Follow him here over the next couple of weeks as he documents his impressions of India and volunteering & interning abroad with Leave UR Mark!    After my many experiences these past few days (the first days of my life in […]

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Locals at the market in Mysore

Volunteering in India with Women

Volunteering in India with Women Isaac is from Traverse City, Michigan and is a student of International Relations at Wheaton College in Illinois. As part of his degree he was required to gain some international experience and complete a period of internship. This was Isaac’s first time in India and his first volunteer placement abroad. […]

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What to Pack for India

As India is such a varied country, the packing essentials will vary from place to place. Here are some tips for Southern India (specifically Bangalore and Mumbai) that you should keep in mind while packing. What to Pack for Your Trip to India What to NOT pack: Hair dryers and Curling Irons for the ladies: They […]

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Interning in India: Advertising

The Indian Advertising Industry is one of the fastest growing fields in the world.  According to the Pitch Madison Outlook, it will grow 9% in 2012, placing itself on the global map in a very short amount of time.”The key reasons favoring the rapid growth of the Indian entertainment and media sector are the demographic […]

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What a Psychology Internship in India is all about…

Elena Young Age: 22 Country: USA Placement: Psychology Leaving her mark at: A school for children with disabilities After completing a degree in psychology from the University of Miami, Elena was looking for an opportunity to get some work experience abroad. She was looking to gain more work experience while making a difference in a different […]

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